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Whiteside School District 115

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Bus Transportation

Whiteside uses Belleville School Transportation Services for all bussing needs. 


  BUS # BUS #   BUS # BUS #
Abbington Ct G2 W5A Hunters Way Ct C2 W4A
Adeline Ct C1 W2B Ironwood Trail W2A W2A
Adeline Dr C1 W2B Jillana Dr C1 W2B
Adler Pl W2A W2A Kane Ct B1 W2B
Allerton Rd. D2 W5A Katrine Lake Dr J2 W4B
Ambridge Dr J2 W4B Killarney Dr D2 W6A
Amesbury Ct D2 W5A Kindercare DayCare B2 W1B
Amy Ln G1 W1B Kinney Dr B1 W2B
Anderson Ln G1/W1A W1A/W6A Knightsbridge Xing B1 W4A
Antiquitiy Ln G1/W1A W1A Lake Christine Ct W2A/B2 W2A
Arbor Creek Ln J2 W4B Lake Christine Dr W2A/B2 W2A
Ash Ct G1 W1B Lake Inez Dr W2A/B2 W2A
Ashley Ct G1 W1B Lake Lorraine Dr W2A W2A
Ashwood Ln W2A W2A Lake Lucerne Dr J2 W4B
Bainbridge Ct G2 W5A Lake Ridge Dr G1 W1B
Ballina Ln D1 W6A Langley Dr G2 W5A
Baltes Dr C1 W2B La'Petite Day Care G1 Daycare van avail @ MS
Baybrook Ct G2 W5A Laredo Dr G1 W1B
Beacon Point Ct. J2 W4B Largo Dr W1A W1A
Bernard Ct. G1 W1B Las Olas Dr D1 W6A
Bernard Ln G1 W1B Lashley Estates Dr W2A W2A
Biggs Dr C1 W2B Lauren Lake Dr J2 W4B
Birmingham Dr G2 W5A Lebanon Ave W2A/C1 W2A
Biscayne Dr G2 W5A Legacy Dr G1 W1B
Biscayne Estates Dr G2 W5A Limerick Ln D1 W6A
Bittersweet Ln W1A W1A Lowery Dr C1 W2B
Blue Spruce Ct. W2A W2A Mahogany Ln W2A W2A
Bluff Ridge Lane J2 W4B Mallard Bend Ct G1 W5A
Boca Grande Dr D1 W6A Mapleview Ct W2A W2A
Bramblewood Ct D2 W5A Marmont Ct D2 W5A
Bridgewater Dr C2 W4A Mayfair Dr C2 W4A
Brighton Dr C2 W4A Meadowview Ln J2 W4B
Brookstone Ct C2 W4A Meridian Lake Dr J2 W4B
Burr Oak Ln G1 W1B Messenger Trail W2A W2A
Caballeros Blvd G1 W6A Millbrook Dr C2 W4A
Calgary Dr D2 W5A Minden Dr W2A/B2 W2A
Calypso Ct W1A W1A Monarch Lake Ln J2 W4B
Calypso Dr W1A W1A Monterey Dr D1 W6A
Cambury Ct. J2 W4B Moonglow Dr W1A W1A
Cascade Lake Dr J2 W4B Morrison Dr C1 W2B
Cedar Creek Ct C2 W4A N. Allerton Rd D2 W6A
Cedar Mill Dr C2 W4A N. Greenmount Rd J2 W4A
Cedarspring Ct G1 W4A Northland Dr G1 W1B
Cedarwood Trail W2A W2A Oak Grove Dr W2A/B2 W2A
Chatham Dr W2A W2A Oak Park Dr G1 W1B
Cherrywood Ct G1 W1B Old Collinsvile Rd W2A W2A
Cheyenne Wells J2 W4B Old Schoolhouse Rd W2A W2A
Chippendale Dr W1A W1A Oxen Ct J1 W2B/W6B
Christy Ln J1 W6B Oxen Dr J1 W2B/W6B
Chula Vista Dr E2 W6A Palmetto Dr W1A W1A
Clinton Hill Dr W2A W2A Patrick Dr G1 Walking Distance
Clinton View Ct W2A W2A Penhurst Pl D2 W5A
Clover Dr W1A W1A Pheasant Ridge Ct G2 W5A
Cloverridge Ln C2 W4A Pipers Ct B1 W4A
Cobblestone Ln W2A W2A Piper Hills Dr B1 W4A
Coniferous Dr B1 W2B Plankway Ct J1 W6B
Corliss Ct J2 W4B Plankway Dr J1 W6B
Cotswald Circle D2 W5A Pleasant Ridge Rd G2 W5A
Country Hill Ln B2 W2A Pleasant View Ct G1/C1 W2B
Country Meadow Ln B1/C1 W2B/W6B Prairie View Rd G2 W5A
Country Rd D2 W5A Preswyck Dr G2 W5A
Country View Dr G2 W5A Provence Dr G2 W5A
Creekside Ct W2A W2A Quail Ridge Ct G2 W5A
Creekside Dr W2A W2A Rachaels Way G2 W5A
Creekside Ln W2A W2A Radcliff Rd D2 W5A
Creekside Pl W2A W2A Raintree Dr G2 W5A
Crest Pointe Dr G1 W1B Raven Oak Dr G2 W5A
Crimson View Dr J2 W4B Redman Ln G1 W1B
Crosswinds Dr C2 W4A Richland Prairie Blvd B1/D2/J1 W2B/W6B
Crown Pointe Blvd G1 W1B Ring of Kerry D1 W6A
Cromwell Ln G2 W5A Rio Verde Dr D1 W6A
Crystal Ct. G1 W1B Riviera Dr G1 W1B
Crystal Lake Dr J2 W4B Rockwood Ct D2 W5A
Deer Chase Rd G2 W5A Rockwood Dr D2 W5A
Deer Springs Trail G2 W5A Rose Ct G1 W1B
Del Rio Ct D1 W6A Sagebrush Dr W1A W1A
Docklow Dr J1 W5A San Mateo Dr D1 W6A
Dublin Blvd D1 W6A Sandpiper Dr G2 W5A
Dunbar Ct J2 W4B Sarpy Dr C1 W2B
Durham Dr W2A W2A Sequoia Pl W2A W2A
East B St Rd B2/C2/G1 W1B Shabin Dr D2 W5A
East Main St B2 W1B Shannon Ln D1 W6A
East Shore Dr Elem Crosswalk Available W2A Shiloh Ridge Rd D2 W5A
East Waters Edge Dr G2 W5A Shiloh Rd G1 W6A
Eastland Dr B2 W1B Sierra Dr C1 W2B
Eastridge Circle C2 W4A Simeon Dr J2 W4B
Eastridge Dr C2 W4A Sir Authur Ct Elem Crosswalk Available W2A
Eastview Dr B2 W1B Southland Ct G1 W1B
Edgelake Dr. W2A W2A Southwind Ct D1 W6A
Edgewater Dr Elem Crosswalk Available W2A Southwind Dr D1 W6A
Edinburgh Way D2 W5A Springbrook Dr C2 W4A
Edmar Ct W2A W2A Spruce Hill Dr B2 W1B
El Cerrito Dr D1 W6A Spruce Hill Terrace B2 W1B
El Paso Dr E2 W6A St George Dr C1 W2B
Ellington Dr D2 W5A St John Dr B1/C1 W2B
ESP N/A W6A St John Daycare C1 W2B
Fawnlily Dr W1A W1A St. John & Shiloh Rd C1 W2B
Fawn Meadows Ln W2A W2A Stablestone Ct D2 W5A
Fielding Ct C2 W4A Stablestone Dr D2 W5A
Fielding Ln C2 W4A Stonebridge Dr C2 W4A
Fieldstone Ct D2 W5A Strawbridge Dr D2 W5A
Fieldstone Dr D2 W5A Sun Lake Dr W1A W1A
Flora Lake Ct J2 W4B Sundew Ct W1A W1A
Floral Dr W2A/B2 W2A Sundew Dr W1A W1A
Fox Glenn Ln C2 W4A Sunny Slope Dr B2/W2A W2A
Foxbourgh Dr C2 W4A Sweet Gum Ct W2A W2A
Foxbrush Dr W1A W1A Tailfeather Dr D2 W5A
Fox Hunters Ct. C2 W4A Tampico Dr D1 W6A
Fox Ridge Ct G2 W5A Tanglebrook Dr C2 W4A
Frank Scott Pkwy W2A W2A Teakwood Dr W1A W1A
Galway Dr D1 W6A Thouvenot Ln W2A W2A
Gamin Dr B1/J1 W6B True Vine Daycare D2 W5A
Geneva Lake Dr J2 W4B Trowbridge Ct D2 W5A
Gleeson Ln J1 W6B Tumbleweed Dr W1A W1A
Glen Mor B1 W4A Waterford Dr G2 W5A
Glenfield Dr D2 W5A Wellington Dr D2 W5A (off West Plank)
Goalby Ln E2 W6A Wendy Way D1/G1 W6A
Grassland Ct J2 W4B West Blvd B2 W1B
Green Ash Ct W2A W2A West Plank Dr D2 W5A
Greenbriar Dr W1A W1A West Waters Edge Dr G2 W5A
Greenfield Ct D2 W5A Westfield Ct B1 W2B
Greenfield Dr D2 W5A Westinghouse Dr J2 W4B
Green Mount Rd J2 W4B Westline Ct D2 W5A
Greystone Dr J2 W4B White Birch Ln W2A W2A
Greystone Pl J2 W4B Whiteside Dr Elem Crosswalk Available W2A
Grove Ave W2A W2A Wild Rose Dr W1A W1A
Hagen Lake Rd G2 W5A Williamsburg Dr G1/W1A W1A/W4A
Hampshire Ln W2A W2A Willowbrook Dr W2A W2A
Hartfield Ln C2 W4A Willowwood Way W2A W2A
Hartman Ln D2/G2/J1 W5A Windsor Dr J1 W5A
Haverford Dr G2 W5A Winthrop Dr G1 Walking Distance
Hawk Ridge Run J2 W4B Woodfield Dr W2A W2A
Heathrow Ln C2 W4A Woodfield Pl W2A W2A
Hemlock Dr W1A W1A Woodmill Dr G1 W1B
Hidden Lakes Dr W2A W2A Wood Raven Ct. W2A W2A
High Crest Dr G1 W1A Worthington Dr G1 W1B
High Valley Ln J2 W4B York Port Dr G1 Walking Distance
Holebrook Dr J2 W5A Yorkshire Ln W1A W1A
Hunters Way C2 W4A      


  Updated 8/1/23  





Please use the links Below to determine the routes.