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These photos show the damage to the exterior of the nearly completed school.  Although many portions of the building received damage, the eighth-grade wing took the worst hit -- note the cracked wall photos at the bottom of this page.  A second page shows damage to the interior of the eighth-grade wing.

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The main entrance to the school with roofing debris and air-conditioning equipment on the awning.  View is looking to the south.   A closer image of the tangled equipment over the entrance.  Also note extensive damage to the roof of the 8th Grade wing in the foreground
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A view of the parking lot littered with debris and a snapped light pole.  View is looking east into Hunter's Crossing sub-division.   East side view of the 8th Grade wing showing the extensive damage to the roof and decorative trim.  The view is to the south-southwest looking toward  the Yorktown subdivision.
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^ The north-side doorway of the 8th grade wing suffered a serious crack (photo embellished).

A close-up view of the cracked brick-work >

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