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Progress on the new school is becoming more evident each day as the building grows more visible from Lebanon Avenue and the streets on the west side of  the school.  The flagpole is in place, and the flag is brightly illuminated at night.

The wonderful warm weather we enjoyed through the late fall was very beneficial to the construction crews, but the warmth was accompanied by considerable rainfall amounts.  Still, the building is on track for completion by the end of Spring and for occupancy by the start of the 2002-03 school year!

Below is an artist's conception of the completed school as well as some photos which were taken at the site on Dec 13th, 2001.

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An Artist's conception of the new school.  The view is toward the southwest.  Lebanon Avenue is behind the viewer and the St. John's Diocesan Center is to the left
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A view looking southward from the main entrance on Lebanon Avenue.  The Multipurpose room and gymnasium are in the background and the north wing is in the center of the photo - immediately behind the flagpole.
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A composite view of the school looking to the south, and immediately west (right) of the flagpole.
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The exact location of this shot is a bit difficult to pin-point, but it should be near the main entrance - note the smokestack on St. John's property in the background.
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A view looking down the main hallway.   The Multipurpose Room is on your left, the Media Center is straight ahead and the Office is through the doorway on the right. Here's the view of the 8th grade corridor.  It looks as though it's a long way from being finished, but construction is on schedule and it  will all be ready by late Spring.
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Exterior work on the gymnasium.

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An exterior view of the locker rooms (looking toward the west) on the south side of the school.

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