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4th Graders Demonstrate Caring & Support Our Troops

The month of December at Whiteside Elementary was "Caring" month.  Each month, as part of our character education program, we focus on a character trait in our classroom activities all month long.  Mrs. Keuss's fourth grade class was in charge of the word for December, and they presented the word "caring" in song and skit to explain its meaning to students at an all school assembly. Then they introduced the caring project to the students.
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All students were asked to bring in personal care items, candy, and snack foods. As you can see from the photos, the response we received was overwhelming! The class sorted and packaged 16 large boxes of goodies. These were sent to our Belleville-area troops who are serving in military assignments overseas.
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We have received letters of appreciation from some of the military personnel who received the packages, and they were very grateful to know that they were being cared for, even though they were far away from home. We thank all the parents for their generous support of our project.

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