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wishwell.gif (4391 bytes) It takes a lot more than just books, papers, teachers, and students to create a classroom. Most teachers want to create a warm, secure, inviting space filled with motivating, inspiring, and educational material to create an individual classroom learning environment. Sometimes, our dreams of that learning environment may not be in our educational budget. That's why we've created our wishing well. Maybe some of you or someone you know has unused items that are in good repair, or has a desire to help make wishes come true. Even basic materials such as paper towels, bathroom tissue, 3-ring binders, pencils, or glue sticks would free up our budget for additional resources.
If you have something on our wish lists that you'd like to donate or purchase, please call the Media Center/library 618-239-0000 .  For a list of possible sources, please click here.

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Paper Towels Classroom
Tissues Classroom
Construction Paper (all colors) Classroom
Cotton Balls Classroom
Floor Rug Classroom
Sentence Strips Classroom
Counting Bears Classroom
Unfix Cubes Classroom
Curious George Library*
Books with Tapes Library*
Books on Tape Library*
Any Children's Classics Library*
Magic Tree House Library*
Berenstain Bears Library*
Any books by following authors: Library*
- Beverly Cleary Library*
- Judy Blume Library*
- Jack London Library*
- Robert Louis Stevenson Library*
Base Ten Blocks Mathematics
Geoboards Mathematics
Tangrams Mathematics
Pentominoes Mathematics
Flash Cards (Multiplication & Division) Mathematics
Play Money Mathematics
Fraction Circles/Bars Mathematics
Seeds/Bulbs Nature Studies
Microphone/Speakers Phys. Ed./Dance
CD-Tape Player Phys. Ed./Dance
TV-VCR Cart Phys. Ed./Dance
Dance CDs Phys. Ed./Dance

*NOTE:  Books the library does not need for their collection are placed in the classrooms.


Examples of Sources for Educational Materials

The following websites are provided as examples to help you locate educational materials.  This list is not intended to be complete.  No endorsement is intended or implied.
  Parent/Teacher Tools www.parentteachertools.com
  Classroom Direct www.classroomdirect.com