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boxtops.gif (4240 bytes) Box Tops for Education - Check your General Mills cereal boxes for "Box Tops for Education" labels.  These labels provide reimbursement to the school.  Box Tops can be turned in at any of the offices or your child's teacher.  Click here for a list of eligible products.
Program Coordinator:  Stacy Gavin

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Educational Technology and Conservation Exchange Program (ETCEP) - Whiteside is collecting used printer cartridges for the ETCEP recycling project.  In addition to the benefits from recycling, this program provides computers for our classrooms.  One Whiteside Dad periodically brings us a pick-up full of spent cartridges from his office.  Can your office help?
Project Coordinator:  Maura Brueggeman.

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Free Technology 4 Kids - If you shop online, register with the FreeTechnology4Kids website.   As you make purchases, Whiteside will receive credit towards technology purchases.

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Market Day - Market Day is a food coop that offers you the opportunity to order top quality food items, with a portion of the sales going to Whiteside.  Order forms are sent home each month, or  you can order on-line (Whiteside account #7267).  See each month's form, or school calendar, for the Saturday pick-up date.
Project Coordinator:  Cassie Haas

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Paper Recycling - Newspaper, magazines, catalogs and mail can be recycled 24 hours/7 days a week at our school AND the school earns money from all the paper collected.   This is a great way to help us raise funds for books, computers, equipment, landscaping, etc.  Just drop your paper items into the big green and yellow recycling bin.

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Sprint A+ Points - This program enables the school to earn free technology.  If you are a SPRINT telephone customer, you can designate Whiteside as the recipient of your A+ points.  Our SPRINT ID number is 62221044.  Call SPRINT at 1-800-268-9849 and register today.

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Target's Take Charge of Education - Whiteside is a participant in Target's school program.  If you have a Target charge card, you can designate Whieside to receive credit based on your charges.  Registration forms can be picked up at any Target location or you can call 1-800-316-6142.

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Tyson Project A+ -
Check your Tyson chicken packages for the "Project A+" symbol.  Turn these symbols in to the primary office.  Tyson will reimburse the school 20 cents for each panel.