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The school is aware of the importance of grades when reporting them to students and their parents.  Designated letter grades are used.  The grading symbols for each grade level are as follows:


Required skills are listed on report card.
X = accomplished

1st Grade

S=satisfactory                I=improving                     N=needs improvement

2nd Grade

G=very good                   S=satisfactory             D=experiencing difficulty                    F=failing                        

4th - 8th Grade

3rd Grade
A+ =

98 - 100

= 12      G+
A = 95 - 97 = 11      G
A- = 92 - 94 = 10      G
B+ = 90 - 91 =   9      G-
B = 87 - 89 =   8      S+
B- = 85 - 86 =   7      S
C+ = 82 - 84 =   6      S
C = 78 - 81 =   5      S
C- = 75 - 77 =   4         S-
D+ = 73 - 74 =   3      D
D = 71 - 72 =   2      D
D- = 70 =   1      D
F = 69 =   0      F


Incomplete (should be made up within a reasonable length of time)


The Board of Education, administrators, and teachers at Whiteside believe that it is a privilege for a student to participate in a non-academic program.  Non-academic programs include all athletic activities, cheerleading, chess team, chorus, drama club, scholar bowl, spelling bee, and student council.  

Eligibility to participate in extracurricular activities will be checked every two weeks (an administrative calendar will be established annually for these interim checks).  If the student has two or more grades of "F," the student will be placed on probation.   Students will have a two-week period to bring up grades.  If after two weeks the student's grades are still below these standards, or if a student's grades would cause them to be placed on probation a second time during a season, they will become ineligible for the remainder of that season. 


The student must have a "B" average (7.0).  This grade average is to be determined by averaging grades in all core subjects.  Not more than one "C" shall be allowed in the core courses for the Honor Roll.  Also, students may not have a grade of "D", "F", or "INC" in any core or non-core subject. 


The student must receive all A's in all core subjects, and the student must not receive a “D”, “F”, or “INC” in any core or non-core subject. 


Whenever a child is being considered for retention, the application of Illinois School Law "105ILCS 5/10-20.9a Final Grade:  Promotion" will be followed.  This law states that a student must be able to "meet local goals and objectives and can perform at the expected grade level prior to promotion."  In order to comply with this law, the following guidelines will be used for retention decisions:

  1. A written warning of possible retention will be sent to the parents at the end of the third quarter.
  2. Attendance - If a student is not in attendance 25 school days, they may be retained regardless of the grades reported.
  3. Grades - A final grade for each subject will be determined by averaging the quarterly report card grades received at Whiteside during the current academic year.  (The quarterly grades will be assigned a value using the 12-point scale outlined previously, "Reporting System of Grades for All Classes."  NOTE:  The average will not be rounded up!)

For grades 4 - 8, a student must attain an overall GPA of "D" (2.00 average) or above in the subjects of reading, English, math, science, and social studies to be considered for promotion.

  1. Students in the 8th grade who are not promoted will not participate in the scheduled graduation ceremony, or the special events related to graduation.
  2. New students must be enrolled six weeks prior to the end of school, have transfer grades from an accredited school, and meet Whiteside's graduation requirements in order to be eligible for promotion. 
  3. The final decision regarding retention will be made by the administration. 


Conferences     Parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled each school year.  In addition, parents are encouraged to arrange a conference at any time they wish to discuss their child’s progress.  Parents who wish to meet with teachers and/or administrators should arrange an appointment with a minimum of a 24-hour notice. 

Classroom visitation   Parents or patrons wishing to visit a classroom must contact the principal to arrange for the visit.  All visitations to classrooms are subject to the approval of the principal.  All visitors must secure and wear a pass prior to visiting the classroom or when present in the school building or on school property.  Unauthorized entrance to classrooms or school premises is prohibited and violators will be subject to arrest and prosecution.  

Classroom visitation by students who are not enrolled at Whiteside is prohibited. 

Individuals who wish to contact someone who attends school or works at Whiteside, regardless of the reason, must stop at the Principal's Office for authorization.


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