The online prepay site for school fees.

Café Prepay is offering parents two convenient ways to prepay for school fees; Credit Card and Direct Withdrawal.

We have been accepting credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card) for 5 years with great success. To give parents more flexibility, Café Prepay is now able to make automatic monthly deposits into your students' school account via Direct Withdrawal.

Parent Information:

We realize that it is sometimes difficult to come up with cash to pay for all of your children’s school fees. School meals, bus fees, school pictures, book fees, athletic fees or fees for field trips all add up. You have probably wondered why the school doesn’t accept credit card payments for any of these services.

We implemented Café Prepay in December, 1999 to collect online payments on behalf of school districts across the country. In order to keep this service free to your school district we must charge you a service fee of between 3% to 6% to cover the cost imposed by the banking fees of transferring the money to the school, as well as the cost of maintaining this web site. This percentage is determined by the type of school fee and the cost associated to the fee.

If you do not want to use a credit card, but still wish to make payments to your child's school account, Direct Withdrawal may be your best option. Direct Withdrawal uses your banking information to debit the account and add funds to your child's school account. Direct Withdrawal is offered to parents for $1 per transaction. Whether you are paying $10 or $500, the processing fee will never change.


Whiteside School currently offers there options through Cafe Prepay:

School Fee's

Lunch and Breakfast


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