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The photo below is the "Early Class" photograph as we received it.  Move the mouse cursor over the image to "flip" back and forth between the original and restored photos.  Scroll down to read how we were able to repair the damaged portions of the photo.

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As you can see, time had not been kind to the original photo.  There were numerous stains, cracks, and discolorations -- even a missing corner!

However, with the help of graphics software we were able to convert the photo to black & white, and remove the cracks and discolorations fairly easily.  The missing corner (which cuts across the legs of 2 of the students) and the dark stains (especially the one partially covering the face of the young lady in the 3rd row) proved to be more challenging.

We solved the missing corner problem by merely copying pieces from other parts of the image.  For the boy in the front row we used his left leg -- yes, with no pun intended, he now has two left-feet.  For the boy behind him, we duplicated portions of his pant leg immediately above the missing corner and then added some shadow.  Then, just for effect, we "borrowed" a piece of the shoe peeking out between the last two girls in the front row (far right).  There's just a hint of shoe in the finished photo, but it all seems to work.

Most of the dark stains were removed by simply copying pixels immediately surrounding the damaged areas.  However, the stain on the girl's face was the most challenging.  Several attempts were made, each with very "muddy" results.  Finally, we just made a mirror-image of the right side of her face and pasted it onto the left.  Any remaining stain was "painted out" by copying pixels from other areas of her face and hair.  The completed "visage" is definitely an improvement over the original, but we're not sure we really did her justice.

Overall, we were very pleased with the effort.  The "restoration" is not perfect -- there are still many areas that need to be tidied up.  But as we refine our restoration skills we'll continue to make improvements to these old photos.

We hope this encourages you to share your old Whiteside photos with us, regardless of their condition!

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