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February 22 - Whiteside Fair
(Abstracts Due For SIUE Fair)
March 8 & 9 - SWIC Fair
March 22 & 23 - SIUE Fair


Ellen Reilly
Science Fair Coordinator
233-7917, ext 212


The Whiteside Science Fair will be held on Friday, Feb 22, 2002.  This year students will be able to enter a project in either the Science Fair Division or the Science and Art Division.  Students entering in the Science Fair Division will be expected to choose a project that embodies the scientific method which includes --- identifying a question, researching the subject area, writing a hypothesis, and designing and following through with an experiment.   Students entering the Art/Science Division will be expected to present a model of scientific concept and complete a research paper about the chosen topic.  Only winners who submit projects in the Science Fair Division are eligible to enter the SWIC or SIUE Fairs.

An information packet is available with information to help in the planning, building, and writing of your project for either division.  Please keep this packet as a reference until your project is entered.  Safety sheets and abstract forms needed for papers entered in the Science Fair Division will be distributed the week before the fair.

Papers may be hand written for Whiteside and SWIC fairs, but must be typed for SIUE.  Students are not required to do their own typing.   Two students may present a project at the Whiteside Fair.  However, to be eligible for other fairs, projects must be done by only ONE student.

Students who receive an outstanding or first place ribbon at the Whiteside Fair may advance to the SWIC Fair.  A first place at the SWIC Fair is not needed to enter the SIUE Fair.  They are separate fairs and you may enter one and not the other.  Students who would like to enter the SIUE Fair need to have abstracts to Mrs. Reilly by February 22.  Students who enter the SIUE Fair are required to be present to explain their projects to the judges.

Maximum dimensions for grades four through six are 60 cm wide (side to side), 60 cm deep (front to back) and 120 cm high (top to bottom).   Project boards may be obtained from parent-teacher stores and hobby shops.   Project boards are also available at the school for $3.00.  They may be purchased from Ellen Reilly (science fair coordinator and seventh grade science teacher).

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