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During the 2001-02 school year, Whiteside eighth-graders participated in a Learn and Serve project to research the history of the Whiteside family.  Below are links to the many of the documents, photos and historical accounts the students found during the project.  We invite you to browse through these files to learn about one of Illinois' founding families.
Acknowledgements - Thanks to all the people who made this project happen.
National Award - Read about the award Whiteside received for this project.
Cemetery Files - Photographs of tombstones and maps of the Shiloh and Whiteside Cemeteries.
Census Files - Copies of the 1860-80 census records for the Whiteside family.
Death Certificates - Copies of death certificates for Olive, Dorothy, Lillian, and Olive M. Whiteside.
Estate Files - Wills, Probate Reports and various other estate documents.
Historical Accounts - Articles, profiles and interviews regarding Whiteside Family History.
Land Claim Files - Maps and land claims involving Whiteside family property.
Marriage Files - Copies of marriage licences and register entries.
Military Files - Thomas A. Whiteside's Non-Commissioned Officer's certificate.
Obituaries - Touching tributes to departed Whiteside family members.

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