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The following is a transcript of the obituary of Thomas A. Whiteside as it appeared in the Oct 16, 1919 edition of The Daily Advocate.



Thomas A. Whiteside of Lebanon Road, Died of Old Age Wednesday.

He was one of the last male members of that distinguished family of Illinois pioneers living in this county, died at his home on the Lebanon Road about 2 miles northeast of Belleville Wednesday afternoon about 5:30 o'clock, aged 76 years, 9 months and 7 days.   Death was due to complication of diseases incident to old age.

Mr. Whiteside was born on the farm where he died, a son of Joseph Ogle Whiteside and a great grandson of Capt. John Whiteside who came to Illinois in 1792 and who attained fame as an Indian fighter.

The deceased has always lived on the farm where he died, and he was married to Miss Olive Messenger, December 31, 1866.

Two great tragedies had entered into the life of Mr. Whiteside in the mysterious murder of two of his sons on a lonely ranch in California a few years ago.  Donald Whiteside, a son went to live on the ranch first and his body was found by ranchers.   He had been the victim of an assassin's bullet.  Lawrence Whiteside, another son, went at once to the ranch with the avowed intention of finding his brother's murderer.  It is presumed by the family that the murderer was found, for a few months after Lawrence's arrival at the ranch, his body was found.  He too, had been murdered.  No solution of these murders has ever been reached.

Mr. Whiteside is survived by his widow and seven children:  Mrs. Maud Jenkins and Mrs. James Bernard, both of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Misses Lillian, Daisy, Olive and Dorothy at home and Ray Whiteside at East St. Louis.  He also leaves one brother, Frank at Herrin, Illinois, and a sister, Mrs. Caroline Weldon of Eureka, California.   He also leaves one grandchild.

The arrangements for the funeral have not been completed. 


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