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Thomas A. Whiteside and Olive Messenger's Marriage License.

Note the mispelling of Olive as "Oliv", and the use of the stylized "s" which looks like an "f" in the words "Miss" and "Messenger".  A transcript of the license is show below the image.

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The license reads:

"Marriage License, State of Illinois, St. Clair County.  The People of the State of Illinois

To any person legally authorized to solemnize Marriage, Greeting:

You are hereby authorized to join in the Holy Bands of Matrimony, and to celebrate within this County, the Rites and Ceremonies of Marriage between Mr. Thomas A. Whiteside and Miss Oliv Messenger now both of said St. Clair County according to the usual customs and laws of the State of Illinois, and you are required to return this License to me within thirty days from the celebration of such Marriage with a Certificate of the same appended thereto and signed by you under the Penalty of One hundred Dollars.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my and and the seal of said County this fifth day of December, 1866 Bernhard Wick[?] County Clerk by [illegible]

I H. L. Deppe a Minister of Christ hereby certify that on the sixth day of December, 1866, I joined in Marriage [?] Thomas A. Whiteside with Miss Oliv Messenger agreeably to the authority given in the above License and the custom and laws of this State.  Given under my hand seal this the 6th day of December A.D. 1866.

H. L. Deppe"