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The Whiteside 2002 Learn and Serve America Project

Welcome!  On behalf of the Eighth Grade 2002 Graduating Class, we hope that you enjoy the information that we have provided.  Although we would like to take full credit for all the information that was provided, we must thank some very special people for their time and help.

First, we would like to thank Ms. Diane Walsh from the St. Clair Genealogical Society.  Ms Walsh came in and gave a brief discussion about the basics of genealogy.  Ms. Walsh also worked hand in hand with the Belleville Public Library to create work stations so that forty, yes forty, eighth grade students could retrieve historical documents.  Not only did we retrieve historical documents, but also we learned how to use many of the materials and resources that are available at the library.

Furthermore, we would like to thank Lou Ann at the Belleville Public Library who was helpful.  Lou Ann took a great chance on us, and we thank her and all the volunteers at the library.

Lastly, we would like to thank all the fellow Whitesides who have communicated with us via e-mail and contributed vast amounts of information.  We found it so amazing that Whitesides all over the United States keep each other informed about various people in the family.

There have been many other people of course, Dr. Meng, Ms. Metzger, Mr. Ybarra, Mr. Tasso, and we are probably forgetting some too.   To everyone who helped, thank you for your time and effort.  This massive project could not have happened without all of you.

Our service learning bridged a gap between Whiteside School, our local community, as well as the community of Whitesides throughout the United States.  The information that we helped provide and that was provided to us, will permeate generations of future students and community members for years to come.   Our hope is that future students and community members realize the importance of researching their own family and the importance of providing historical documents.

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