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Dirt Bike Racing Will Be Fun!

Written and Illustrated by Nicholas

Mrs. Watkins
1st Grade
Whiteside School

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One day I woke up and said, "I can not wait until this summer!"


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And it was spring, and in two more days it will be summer.


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I had just enough experience so I could race.


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I talked to my Dad and said, "Forty-eight more hours, and it will be summer!"


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Two days had passed.  I woke up that morning and said, "Finally, it is summer!"  And my day said, "Are you ready?"  And I said, "YES!"  And he said, "Okay."


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And six more hours and we will get packed up and go to the racetrack.  Before I went, the clock started to tick.  And I said, "Tick-tock, Tick-tock."


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Six hours had passed and the drive was finally over.  In 15 minutes we would be there!


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Now I finally was at the starting line.   The thirty-second board was side ways.


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And off I went, and in my head I said "I got to win this race!"  and I did.


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About the Author

dirtbike10.jpg (16033 bytes) Nicholas' favorite pet is a snake.  A stegosaurus is his favorite dinosaur.  Nick like to listen to the music of Blink 182.   BMX is his favorite movie.  After school, he rides his scooter.  He likes to make people laugh by falling off his scooter.
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