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By Tajarri S.

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T.J. woke up and put on his clothes and went with his dad to his job to see if there was life on Mercury.

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If they find life on Mercury they will bring the aliens back.

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They took off at 3:00 p.m. into space and landed on Mercury at 3:30 p.m.  They walked around Mercury and found an alien sleeping right in front of them.

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They went back to the ship and got a space mat.   Mercury is a hot planet and they wanted to protect their space suits from the alien's hot body!  The space adventure was a cool thing.

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They made it back to Earth safely with the alien and they won an alien trophy from science


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danger7.jpg (8523 bytes) Tajarri is a First Grade student at Whiteside School in Belleville, IL.  He enjoys sports, basketball and T-ball.  He likes to listen to Hip Hop and rock music.